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About Dr. Jeffrey Hessinger


I became a Christian through the ministry of First Baptist Church, Orlando, Florida. Seven months later I responded to the clear call of God to vocational Christian ministry through the preaching ministry of Dr. Jim Henry. I desire to share the gospel with people from all walks of life as well as equip and disciple the body of Christ. I desire for God to use me to bring others to know Christ as I seek to carry out the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. I believe Christ died for every person and that anyone can be saved and receive eternal life through Christ.

I am passionate about pastoral ministries, outreach and communicating the gospel to the local community and the nations. As a pastor I understand new environments (church and community) and how to adapt contextually to the needs of the community to effectively communicate church ministries and the mission of the church. My passion for reaching the unchurched requires me to dutifully understand geographical context for effective ministry. The behavioral assessment DISC describes me, as a person who loves people, is gentle, persuasive, generous, warm, sincere, and understanding. Personally, I think my flaws include overly trusting people, seeing hope in difficult situations, and operating copy machines.

I affirm the Baptist Faith & Message 2000 and express it in thought and practice through traditional conservative SBC theology. I do not embrace reform/Calvinistic theology. My life and ministry are woven together. A person will not understand me unless they understand my call to ministry and vice-a-versa. Ministry is not a task list for me; it is the overflow of my walk with Christ. My walk with Christ shapes my attitude, behavior, my priorities, it determines my values, and empowers me to be a loving and faithful witness.


Doctor of Ministry, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary 2005

Master of Divinity, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary 1990

Bachelor of Arts, Biblical Education, Florida Bible College

Associate of Business Administration, Orlando College

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