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Christmas: And So It Begins!

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Today is always the day, the Sunday before Thanksgiving, when I feel like we make the final turn towards Christmas. I just finished my fourth and final message of the week on Thanksgiving. We had our Sunday afternoon nap and now my mind is focused on celebrating the birth of Jesus. It time to finalize calendars, preaching plans, and decorating the house, church and the school.

While I write the kids are decorating the tree and placing much of our Christmas decorations around the house. Errin sits beside me with the December calendar mapping out our December activities so we can be sure plan for the events that matter most to us. No one has a better Christmas heart than Errin, I love seeing Christmas through her eyes. She is so diligent to make the entire season special for the family. I think its her love for Christ and family, but there's more and I think it has to do with the joy of celebration. Needless to say we have been listening to Christmas music for over two weeks. There will be many celebrations over the next couple of weeks. We will experience the season latin style at school as we worship in Chapels throughout the month. Church services and ministry opportunities will all do their part keeping Jesus first place this Christmas season. I love this time of year! Well, except for making all the lights work on the prelit tree. I'm grateful for the opportunity to make much of Jesus especially this month at home, in the church, and at The Conrad Academy. Tis the Season!

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