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Updated: Jun 3, 2022

...Ok, well not really. It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Errin and I are relaxing by the pool, just dipped my feet in the water because I was getting warm in the sunshine on this 85 degree day. Little Amos, our 5 pound cockapoo is panting between us in beat with the great music we are enjoying. Unfortunately, the waterfalls just shut off for the evening.

We had a good morning at church. I'm so grateful my parents visited with us this weekend. The family meals along with the little projects we worked on made for a wonderful weekend. Praying they enjoy their Florida visit with more family and friends. We love a restful Sunday every once in a while as we prepare for new week.

This morning's message was entitled, Gates, Fates, and Eternal Estates on the Rich Man and Lazarus. The message reminded me how blessed we are as we serve God. It seems like I rarely preach on hell, but today was the day. So as we sit and relax in the backyard I'm counting my blessings. I'm grateful the family is well, loves Jesus, that the Lord meets all of our needs and so many of our wants, and He is doing abundantly more than we could ever imagine.

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