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  • Dr. Jeff Hessinger


What!! February already!! 2020 is flying by! The merger is going strong, great words of encouragement everywhere we go. Thinking ahead: we are approaching the Senior Adult prayer Conference with Dr. Don Moore on March 12th at the FBC, McGehee. Our first big workday at Wolf Creek Camp is just around the corner, February 8th, and the first ever Bivocational Church Conference is February 22nd at FBC, Monticello.


We are halfway through the shared DOM and everything is going very well. Both associations recently had Executive Meetings where all the work of the associations was reported to those in attendance. There is a spirit of excitement about being together as one network. I am hearing only positive feedback everywhere I go. As you know when the Delta (DBA) merges with the Bartholomew (BBA) the official new name will be: SOUTHEAST ARKANSAS BAPTIST NETWORK (SEARKBN). Two associations will dissolve and a new one will be created…..We will be Better Together!


I love a room with a nice plush carpet. The kind of carpet your feet sink into and makes the room feel nice and cozy especially in the winter time. I believe prayer is like the carpet of a new room. Carpet is the first thing that goes in and it covers the room wall-to-wall. After the carpet is down then the furniture and all the room accessories are placed in the room. As we launch our new network we are laying a carpet or foundation of prayer! It the first thing we will do and it’s the most important things we do. Please join us for the SENIOR ADULT PRAYER CONFERENCE on March 12that FBC, McGehee. Dr. Don Moore, the ABSC Prayer Ambassador, will lead us in our journey to the Throne of Grace. We need you to join us for this vital prayer event. See the ad for more details.


First workday to clean up and revitalize WCC!!!! There is something for everyone to do. Those who are skilled and unskilled, whether your young or old come join this workforce as we restore Wolf Creek Camp back to its glory days!!! Saturday, February 8th starting at 8am we will work and have a great lunch. Come when you can stay as long as you can. Go to to learn more about the work to be done and how to donate to restore the camp.


Every pastor and every leader in all of the churches in Delta Baptist Association and the Bartholomew Baptist Association need to participate in this great event. Be sure your church is well represented to learn best practices in nearly every ministry of your church. This is tremendous local training event for you right here in Southeast Arkansas!!! Register today by phone at 870-226-7533 or online at


Love is in the air and so is a whole lot of fun! Great door prizes, lots of laughter, and new friendships to be made.

Delta Baptist Association

Portland Baptist Church, February 11th at 11:30

Bartholomew Baptist Association

Immanuel Baptist Church, February 13th at 11:30


A church NEVER drifts towards being evangelistic. As a matter of fact a church naturally becomes a closed group of people who seek their own comfort and preferences, this is human nature, and not evidence of Spirit activity. A church that is not intentionally seeking to reach lost people is a long way from the heart of God. So how do we, or you as a pastor or ministry leader, lead a local church to value lost people beyond lip service and Sunday School chatter? This is what the newest Theological Education class is going to lead pastors and ministry leaders to understand and implement. Participants will learn how to engage more people in the congregation in reaching people than the few Green Beret who are fanatical verbal witnesses. We CAN engage more people in our churches in evangelism to make a greater impact than we have in the past. A church not exercising faith to be on mission for God isn’t a church at all. It maybe a family chapel, a Bible Study facility, but certainly not a church! Come learn and grow as a missionary to join God’s activity to redee people throughout southeast Arkansas and the nations.

In Wilmar Class meets at Wilmar Baptist Church starting February 4th at 6pm for 2 hours and continues on 2/18, 3/3 and 17. Cost is $50 per person.

In Dermott class meets at Tabernacle Baptist Church starting February 6th at 6pm for 2 hours and continues on 2/20, 3/5 and 19. Cost is $50 per person.

Called to Serve,

Dr. Jeff

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