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  • Dr. Jeff Hessinger

Time Flies When We See God’s Favor

What an incredible year we have had together! We have experienced God’s favor upon us as a network of churches in many ways. Much of God’s blessing has come through the ministry work that we have accomplished as the BBA:

· The strategic and unified sale of the W. Central St., Warren property to HopePlace Warren has changed how your missionary does his work.

· We made the Annual Celebration into an actual Celebration of God’s presence in our midst .

· We started Theological Eduction (grateful for Will McKay and Joe Chambers who carried so much of the work). We begin our third class in just a few weeks.

· We built the Gospel Bus! Created a Summer Staff to invest our next generation. We carried out VBS events in EVERY Church making the BBA one of the few Baptist Associations in America that held a VBS in every single church.

· BUT I think the overwhelming abundance of God’s favor has been on our relationships as pastors and ministry leaders. We are walking in unity, we are doing the Word of God as we “walk together”. This is the Spirit’s activity among us as we walk humbly, think of others first and abide in Him as we walk in the Light. We are doing thing together as churches and pastors. Just last night three pastors showed up at the Gospel Bus event! Thanks Men!!!

The September 10th Church Planting dinner meeting at FBC, Monticello is for all pastors and ministry leaders who would like to attend. We are expecting God to give us direction as we gather and to conclude with specific actions to accomplish. I encourage every pastor to invite men and women from their church to join us.

God’s Outpouring!!! We have demonstrated to ourselves that Southeast Arkansas isn’t off God’s map for grace and mercy. We maybe down in the woods and off the main road but this year’s VBS effort has shown we are in the bullseye of Kingdom Expansion. Specifically, we have all worked hard…. like Nehemiah stated, “for the people had a mind to work” We got into parks, neighborhoods, grassy spots, parking lots, and parades to throw Jesus Parties everywhere we could!! AND the people came, heard the claims of Christ and were saved!! WE CAN REACH PEOPLE WITH THE CLAIMS OF CHRIST. We see God’s favor when we serve Him well. IT’S PROVEN!!!!! No church should be satisfied with status quo ever again: a strategic plan, hard work, and a gospel focus reaches people. Every church in the BBA can reach people, see them saved and baptized. I believe every church in the Network can baptize someone in the next month….THIS IS DOABLE!!

This Summer in VBS/Gospel Bus Outreach!!!

· Every BBA Church (25) did a VBS/Gospel Bus Events.

· 2,531 people participated in the events.

· 170 men, women, boys, and girls received Christ.

· 7 BBA Summer Staff Interns

What is Ahead:

Church Planting:

We are praying for a man of peace to help lead us in the effort, a BBA coaching team to guide and support a planter(s), developing a strategic plan to bring support to the work, establishing accountability to the planter, and leadership to sustain healthy growing evangelistic missional growth.

Senior Adult Quarterly Celebrations:

We have been praying about a gathering for senior adults throughout for churches to enjoy lunch and celebration. God has raised up Sanders and Rhonda Brooks by putting a call upon their heart to lead us in this endeavor. We will build a ministry team, create a plan and expect our first Senior Adult Celebration early in the holiday season.

The Gospel Bus:

All the summer visibility throughout the counties and positive ministry results in our churches has placed a demand that will keep the Bus moving and working! Plan your Bus event and attend the Gospel Bus Training.

Disclaimer…..This is a Gospel Bus: The purpose is to Love Your Neighbor and Share Christ. It will only be sent for events that fulfill the Gospel Bus purpose. The purpose is to gather people in a block party format or One Day VBS event and boldly share the gospel and invite people to be saved. The BBA Gospel Bus is a resource of the BBA churches however it is a resource with a purpose. SO LETS KEEP IT ROLLING!!!! Schedule Today!!!!

Kids Camp…Camp Go!

I think we have started a Children’s Camp and Student Camp ministry!!! 109 participated in Camp Go!, 33 responded to the Good News. Sixteen students participated as leaders and they were amazing. The adults who participated were Super Heroes, it was like working with the Avengers!!!! Watch for next year’s Camp GO! events: Children’s camp date and Student camp date.

The best is yet to come fellow laborer. We are a Southeast Arkansas Kingdom Outpost!!! We represent our Heavenly King, declaring His life changing message, ministering to others in His name, empowered by His Spirit, and walking in Love!!

Your Fellow laborer,

Dr. Jeff

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